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The soulful musical styling of jazz artist, Larry Price, alto saxophonist, vocalist, arranger, composer, and producer, will truly move you. This Wilmington, North Carolina native delights audiences around the world, as he tells vivid stories and paints vibrant pictures through his music. His spiritual statement guides listeners beyond their present reality, and transcends them to a place of oneness with every note played.

Mr. Price has done lectures, workshops, and performances in Finland, France, Belgium, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Kenya, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Canada. He has performed with noted artist such as James Carter, Ted Curson, Nancy Wilson, Quincy Jones, Ashford and Simpson, and Stanley Turrentine.

Abundantly blessed with talent, Price was fueled with a passion for music at the age of five and started playing saxophone at thirteen. He is truly influenced by old-school craftsmen such as Charlie Parker, Sonny Stitt, Stanley Turrentine, and Dexter Gordon, to name a few. This versatile musician believes in the importance of continuously honing his skills, and values opportunities for sharing his talents with youth as a teacher and mentor.

In 2003 one of Finland’s premier vocalists Bianca Morales recorded five of his compositions including the title track of the CD, Unelmaloma Roomassa and he also plays alto & soprano saxophones on the recording. The CD has received great reviews! Since that time Bianca has done an English version of the same CD entitled (When in Rome).


Larry also performed with Ukrainian born classical pianist Viatceslav Novikov, a world class Classical pianist and instructor. They developed a unique style of musical presentation combining the incredible classical background of Mr. Novikov and the soulful jazz background of Mr. Price. They performed mostly Larry’s compositions.

Larry has done compositions for orchestra as well as saxophone and orchestra. His compositions include jazz, blues, gospel, reggae and many other genres.

Mr. Price resided in Finland from 2002 – 2014. Upon his return to the United States, he has become heavily involved in the Philadelphia music scene. 2014 to date, Mr. Price has performed in collaboration with the Philadelphia Jazz Project and the Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble lead by bassist Warren Oree.

Mr. Price is also a music educator and feels very honored to be teaching music theory, saxophone, and beginner piano to our precious youth at The Philadelphia Clef Club of Performing Arts and Jazz, as well as some of the charter schools around the city of Philadelphia.

Going into 2024, Mr. Price has formed “The Larry Price Quintet”, a group of extremely talented young musicians and composers with Mr. Price at the helm. The group is performing original compositions as well as wonderful renditions of songs that have stood the test of time.

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