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Creative Saxophone Lessons
Do you want a better sound? Do you not want that thin nasal sound?
I can help you!


My name is Larry Price and I am a saxophonist with over fifty years experience. It's nice to be able to play lots of slick runs on your sax but what really matters is your sound. There are so many players today with great technique but their sound is thin and weak. You need a full sound. Many players equate energy with volume but a full sound is filled with energy at any volume. Let me share my knowledge and experience with you and let's develop your sound!

In five easy online sessions I can help you develop a full, mature sound on your saxophone. Each session is $40. If you pay for all five sessions at one time you get a $10 discount on each session and only pay $150 for all five sessions. Sing up today and let's start your journey toward a better sound!. Sign up HERE →


 1. In our first session we will discuss mouthpieces and reeds. This is where your sound begins on the saxophone, thereby making this a very critical aspect of this journey.

 3. In our third session we will discuss embouchure and exercises that will strengthen yours. Strengthening your embouchure will increase your ability to control the reed. This will give you better control of your sound

 5. In our fifth and final session we will discuss pitch and its role in developing your sound. We will be discussing the different aspects of a pitch and what it sounds and feels like.

 2. In our second session we will learn proper breathing techniques. It's surprising the amount of people that don't know how to breath properly. 

 4. Our fourth session involves the playing of long tones. This is another critical aspect of this journey. You will be amazed at the results!

 Sign up Here →

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